Il messaggio per il 2014 rilasciato dai Repubblicani Indipendenti Irlandesi

Bandiera Irlanda - Ireland flag
Comrades and friends,
Welcome one and all to the dawning of the new year of 2014 and let us all resolve to use this new year as a time to build upon any progress made in previous years and to push to create a dynamic towards making 2014 a turning point in the struggle to establish a just and equitable society.

The establishment of a society grounded on the principles of justice and equality is the minimum requirement in creating a society that is at peace with itself, a society that can – irrespective of colour, class or creed – stand against the growing tendency of state forces to govern through the continuation of a militarised police state.

Such a reliance on military force to subjugate a populous is seen in the increase of draconian laws, military tribunals in place of open courts, internment without trial, internment by remand, administrative detention, the use of discriminatory ‘stop and search’ practices, house raids, the torture of prisoners and the creation of a political police force within the paramilitary force which is being sold as the police. This crown force has one purpose only, not to serve the community but to enforce British rule.

All of these corrupt tendencies are facilitated by the use of ‘secret policing’ and the production of secret evidence that cannot even be produced in court under the terms of the legislation provided by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and the use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS). These two pieces of ‘law’ ensure that when the rule of law cannot ensure compliance and political subservience the state can then deem whoever as a political threat and subject them to a raft of unjust and undemocratic laws that allows them to be subjected to; military surveillance, stop and search, detention and imprisonment.

One of the consequences of this type of policing as a means of political control is that it lends itself to creating a policing vacuum were crime and drug empires are allowed to be nurtured and grown. This void is evident throughout our communities and we along with those communities blighted by this evil shall expose those who prey on our fellow citizens. Class A drugs such as Cocaine, Ecstasy, Speed, MDMA etc… Are not only killers but destroy those who use them, their families and the communities in which they come; This has been allowed to prosper by the state for their own political control needs.

Justice or the oxymoron that is ‘British justice’ has failed all the people it attempts to preside over, from Guantanamo to Maghaberry. Injustice is being inflicted upon anyone with an alternative to the status quo of occupation, corruption and oppressive governance. From internment by remand to non-jury courts, force feeding of misinformation and the labelling of persons via their media allies as fundamentalists or dissenter. These are some of the instruments being used to strike fear into the populous whereby no one dare bat an eyelid while civil liberties and human rights are being violated or when someone is imprisoned unjustly. This is not democracy this is tyranny make no mistake and, it is being done in your name. End it! Let no other man, woman or child suffer at the hands which claim to represent your best interests.

Stormont is not a democratic establishment for it too like the crown forces serves only one purpose, which is to ensure partition continues with the least amount of resistance and no republican can ever be part of this sectarian vassal.

For too long we have been reporting on the failed institutions of Stormont, Education, worst off are nationalist children – A failing health service – Lack of housing and social development, all the time there is 80 million pounds available for those areas where up to 50% of children live below the poverty line but because the Stormont politicians can’t agree to put this money were it is most needed that is, in Nationalist areas then it sits idly doing nothing to alleviate the suffering. Sadly this is only some of the devastating failures of the Stormont government. We call on everyone to take a look within and ask yourselves ‘am I willing to sell out my Country and our people for scraps from the Stormont table?

Irish Republicans must now accept Sinn Féin are no longer republican or capable of representing those they claim to speak for nor have an Ireland unification master plan; we all must stop wasting time and effort in attacking them and treat them for what they now represent, British rule in an occupied six county statelet. We must now only look to our past in order to remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may once and for all, be a united people. Look back and learn but more importantly we all must now concentrate on the future and work tersely to give our children a legacy where they do not need to continue the struggle against British misrule.

Regrettably this is the situation we now face as we move into 2014, however, change lies within our own hands and as part of the fight towards a just and democratic society we all commits ourselves to continue to expose and highlight state excesses wherever they exist and to defend those who fall victim to them.

We call on every right thinking person to renew their resolve in repelling the ever increasing oppression being inflicted upon the citizens of Ireland in whatever manor necessary to create a peoples’ democratic backdrop which will facilitate all the peoples of Ireland the right to a voice on unification and with that the real chance of a timetable for a United Ireland.

Together we can ensure that 2014 is the year that we put an end to these undemocratic and violent practices by standing up and in one voice stating clearly ‘not in my name’. When the state resorts to the use of violent and undemocratic measures to subjugate those it claims to want to govern then that state has lost the right to govern.

In the words of Oghlaich Bobby Sands “everyone republican or otherwise have their own part to play” don’t stand idly by and leave our children’s children to complete the task at hand for “our revenge will be in the laughter of our children”.