RAAD victim ‘faces new threat’

Republican Action Against Drugs | RAADA Derry businessman shot by vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) has received a new threat from the organisation, an anti vigilante campaign group has said.

Raymond Coyle, who has taken part in public protests against RAAD, has reportedly received notification from the PSNI about the threat.

Last night, campaign group ‘RAAD – Not in our Name’ appealed for public support for a rally organised for Guildhall Square this Saturday.

They say the threat against Mr Coyle must be lifted.

“Raymond Coyle, who was publicly involved in recent protests against RAAD in Derry has received a death threat from RAAD. The warning said that he would be ‘executed’,” the anti-vigilante group said in a statement.

“Mr Coyle, who has three young children, was previously shot by RAAD and spoke on local radio in the run up to a recent protest in Guildhall Square.

“‘RAAD – Not in our name’ is calling a public rally this Saturday at 3pm to demand that the death threat against Raymond Coyle be lifted immediately and is appealing to the public of the city to support the rally.”

Mr Coyle was shot in February 2010 by RAAD for allegedly selling so-called legal highs at his Derry shop.