Real IRA | Óglaigh na hÉireannThe leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann extend Easter greetings to our friends and supporters across Ireland and overseas, we thank you for the work you have undertaken on our behalf and appreciate your continued support now and in the future.
We extend solidarity greetings to fellow revolutionaries internationally and to all those who continue to resist occupation and colonial rule.
We recognise the sterling work carried out on a daily basis by activists from the political organisations and we extend the hand of friendship to those within the other republican insurgency groups who share our common aim.
Finally, we send greetings and express our admiration and respect for the IRA volunteers both imprisoned and on active service.
Over the last decade and more many of you have borne the full force of both states in Ireland as well as the constant attacks and smears from the established body politic and the pro establishment media. You have held the line with dignity in the unshakeable belief that our cause is noble and correct.

Comrades, we believe another corner has been turned in the national liberation struggle, this would not have been possible without your standing firm through many dark days.
To our POW’s fighting daily for political status we say keep your heads up, we are fully behind you and so is the whole republican separatist community.

Since last Easter republicans in both their military and political capacities have raised the ante against British state interference in Ireland. The IRA, with others, have been on the frontline of this resistance.
We have attacked crown force personnel and installations as well as British interests and infrastructure.
We have also taken action against the scourge of drugs and anti social behaviour.
We have attacked the occupation and defended our communities, we will continue to do and with the continued support of the republican community we will escalate the campaign when it becomes opportune. The IRA have smashed the carefully contrived façade of normality in the occupied zone, the six county state will never run smoothly again.

Yet again a self appointed elite has brought republicanism into disrepute, yet again our struggle has been criminalised by constitutional nationalists masquerading as republicans. Republicans are not criminals and our volunteers will resist any attempt by opportunist careerists to portray us as such.

An unrepresentative junta within republicanism almost destroyed the IRA but because the actions of a courageous few and the continued respect for the IRA constitution we remain intact while at present that junta is finished as a credible revolutionary force. The republican movement has weathered that particular storm. The Republican position has been held.

The IRA has had to make some difficult choices of late but it has done so to protect the integrity of the army and the national liberation struggle. Anyone connected to the republican separatist movement should at all times remember who they are and what they represent.
They represent an unbroken line of principled resistance stretching back to the men and women of 1916 and beyond, they represent every man and woman who lie in their graves for the cause and who we are here to honour at Easter, they represent the national position which is bigger than any one person or group of individuals.

Friends and comrades, the republican movement is at a critical juncture and our actions now will determine which road we take. Repression in the two hostile states in Ireland is increasing dramatically in line with our growing support. The British thought they had the ‘Irish question’ put to bed but here they are, in Ireland on a war footing, the volunteer soldiers of the Irish Republican Army will engage them to the best of our ability.