Loyalist band arrested over tunes

Members of the Young Conway Volunteers, the band accused of playing sectarian tunes outside a Catholic church in Belfast on the Twelfth, have been arrested.

Young Conway VolunteersPolice detained 11 men, aged between 15 and 42, on suspicion of provocative conduct outside St Patrick’s Church at Donegall Street on 12 July this year.

A further three men were also interviewed by police, after attending voluntarily.

The men were also interviewed about a breach of the Parades Commission determination which occurred during another parade in Donegall Street on 25 August.

All 14 have now been released pending reports to the Public Prosecution Service for both offences.

It comes after the Shankill-based band was filmed marching in circles and allegedly playing sectarian tunes outside the church.

The band said it was performing a Beach Boys song.

Police said the members were arrested in north Belfast over the past number of days and questioned about their actions on the Twelfth.

The incident led to the parades watchdog placing restrictions on another loyal Order parade on through the same part of the city on 25 August.

The determination was breached and this formed part of the police questioning.