The Sovereign Nation | Novembre-Dicembre 2010E’ online il numero di novembre-dicembre di The Sovereign Nation (An Náisiun Ceannasach), il magazine bimestrale pubblicato dal 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Ecco alcuni degli articoli presenti su questo numero:

Queen of England, not wanted

  • War News
  • RUC Harassment of Newry 32CSM Members Continues
  • IRA: As Good as its Word!
  • The Royal Visit: “An Affirmation of Political Intent”
  • Criminalisation: Old tactic, New target
  • The Myth of Irish Neutrality
  • Who is the Neanderthal?
  • British Military Back on the Streets of Derry
  • Northern Ireland: A product of Gerrymandering – Not Democracy
  • The Poppy: a Symbol of Brtish Imperialism
  • The True Face of the Iraq War
  • IRPWA: Prison Service Renege on Agreement