Irish American News, by Chris Fogarty, February 2006

(Author’s note: As this column reports news that the rest of the news media cover up, corrections of fact remain warmly welcome and will be included in the following month’s column. So far, none – after ten years.)

Brian Mor: Adams\' Puppet

Brian Mor: Adams' Puppet

For the Republic

DESMOND WALSH, R.I.P., was very well-known and liked in Irish-Chicago. He arrived from Charlestown, Co. Sligo in the late ’50s. We’d meet for pranks with fellow immigrants at dances and socials at Carpenter’s Hall (64th & Halsted), The Regent (68th & Halsted), The Viking Temple (69th & Emerald), The Emerald Club (106th &Robert’s Rd.), The Boulevard (55th & Damen), Hanley’s House of Happiness (19th & Bishop), The Keyman’s Club (4700 W. Madison) and the New Holiday at 4900 No. Milwaukee Ave. He was a fun-loving youth. After military service he became a Chicago cop and it was only upon his taking medical disability leave (diabetes) that he recovered some of his high spirits. Soon before he died he told me that his greatest pride, apart from his wife and family, was that in his three decades as a cop he never fabricated evidence nor “testi-lied”. Desmond’s spirit of fun and encouragement lives on in his beautiful family, notably his son, Sean. Sean eulogized of visiting his father in hospital where he’d had toes amputated due to diabetes. Desmond, perhaps wished to allay Sean’s fears for his own future (he, too, is diabetic). Desmond described the amputation by saying; “No big thing, Sean, of all my toes those two were my least favorite ones.” Our condolences to wife Diane and family. The memorial card said, truly; “Desmond will dance forever in our hearts.

“Niall of the Nine Hostages was a prolific Irishman. He, according to our schoolteachers, was the 5th century king who brought St. Patrick to Ireland. Now DNA studies of the Y chromosome, conducted in Dublin’s Trinity College, show that more than three million men worldwide are descended from him. The highest concentration of related males are in northwest Ireland where twenty percent of the males have the same Y chromosome. Men bearing the name O’Neill share the same chromosome as those known to be descended from the original Ui Neill dynasty.

Ten hunger strikers

Ten hunger strikers

Also descended from the Ui Neill dynasty are men named Bradley, Gallagher, Boyle, O’Donnell and O’Doherty. “The frequency of that Y chromosome was significantly higher in that genealogical group than in any group we tested” said Dan Bradley who supervised the research. When international databases were checked, the chromosome also turned up in roughly two percent of all male New Yorkers. A similar study in central Asia shows that eight percent of the males have the same Y chromosome as Genghis Kahn who conquered most of Asia in the 13th century and has sixteen million descendants. (Source: Netscape).

Why Ireland is unfree; resumed

(As this column reports news that the rest of the news media cover up, corrections of fact remain warmly welcome and will be included in the following month’s column. So far, none — after ten years.)

Gerry Adams &Co. (A &Co) – patriots or traitors? You decide: “by their fruits ye shall know them.” Here are their fruits.

Denis Donaldson, top Sinn Fein (SF) operative and head man at SF’s Stormont Castle offices, was a key Adams confidant for more than three decades until being “outed” last month. On RTE television he admitted being a paid operative for Britain’s MI5 for at least the past two decades. How did MI5, through Donaldson, get SF to front for the reimposition of British rule in Ireland? If A &Co were not complicit with Donaldson how could they have possibly failed to notice the new Brit policy that MI5 was imposing on Occupied Ireland? After all, the treason was inescapably obvious for years to the casual observer even here in Chicago.

Brian Mor: Croppie lie down

Brian Mor: Croppie lie down

Michael Flannery. As far back as 1986 this New York life-tong supporter (RIP) of Irish freedom, spotted A & Co as traitors and permanently severed ties with them. He also resigned from A & Co’s subservient Irish Northern Aid (INA) and re-established the Friends of Irish Freedom (FOIF) in the U.S. The FOIF supported the SF’rs who had not sold out. These were (are) led by the O Bradaigh family. Dathi O Connell (RIP) et al who still operate as Republican Sinn Fein (RSF). At that time I was of the opinion that the split of SF in Ireland would not cause splits in Irish-America (IA) if we were careful. Flannery remained faithful to republicanism until his death in his 90s. A & Co attempted to marginalize him for rejecting the sell-out and exposing it.

A &Co. alienate the US. In 1989 at INA’s national convention in Toledo, Ohio, Donaldson’s predecessor (Brian O’Donnell), was SF’s rep in the US. He managed to alienate nearly everyone present. In retrospect, that is probably why he was sent to the States. Chicago INA officers told O’Donnell that they were finished with SF and INA. Soon thereafter they allied with the true, RSF and joined Flannery’s FOIF, leaving behind a rump INA in Chicago that continued to tout Adams (perhaps still does). Donaldson, upon his replacing McDonnell as A &Co rep in the US, continued their policy of rancor and division in NY. He removed the officers of the Irish People newspaper and put Atty. Martin Galvin in charge of it. Not long thereafter A &Co replaced Galvin with McDonough and Boyle. Later they, too, were removed. Some time later the Irish People, rish republicanism’s main voice in the US, died. It is now clear that A &Co killed it.

A &Co.oppose Truth about the Irish Holocaust. This truly shocked us. When an “Irish Famine” book was being promoted in east coast cities from Boston to Miami, its author was met by groups demanding that she stop covering up the Food Removal. The groups (I came to know some of them) distributed to the author and attendees copies of my Mass Graves of Ireland; 1845-1850 pamphlet. The distributors were physically attacked; not by Brits or KKK members, but by A &Co. affiliates. One such person whose group also destroyed boxes of pamphlets identified herself as Padraigin Newell, leader of A &Co’s support group at George Mason U. Newell stated that she was an officer of A &Co’s SF and was acting as such. This was borne out by her associates.

Adams’ Visit. While in the US Adams wrecked IA’s clout in Washington. The damage seems to be permanent. Prior to Adams’ visit IA had some 150 congressmen on our side after years of careful cultivation. Here is how Adams wrecked us politically. Hoping for the best re his impending US visit IA had lobbied for a visa for him. But then we noticed that it was the pro-Brit pols including Kennedy and Moynihan who postured as pursuing the visa. Upon Adams’ arrival he snubbed the 150 congressmen who had supported Irish republicanism. He thanked the half-dozen or so pro-Brit congressmen and gave them the photo-ops and political credit for the reduction of violence in Occupied Ireland. By this means he betrayed IA and the 150 congressmen who had been supportive of justice and freedom for Occupied Ireland.