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When the history of The Retrosic started in April 2001 with the release of Prophecy, no one could foresee that already the first album would enjoy considerable resonance in the electro scene.

Followed by Messa Da Requiem hardly a year later, the mini album, featuring new songs and also remixes of the debut album, hit the top of the European Alternative Charts. It celebrated Record of the Year of the Dutch Alternative Charts (DUC) after three months constanstly holding the top position. The song Ground Zero established itself as a club hit overnight skillfully linking hard electronics with an oriental theme. For the first time here, The Retrosic is enriched by the classical singing of soprano Zaide who gives the EP its name quoting passages from the requiem by Verdi under the same name.

2002 and the following year saw the band challenging various remix works for Bruderschaft and Clan Of Xymox amongst others and a collaboration with [:SITD:] feat. Cyrus on vocals for Decoy and on the Retrosic-Remix for Laughing Stock.

The Retrosic

Almost two years after Messa Da Requiem, The Retrosic‘s second full-time release was brought to daylight with God Of Hell. Harsh arrangements combined with biting vocals remain the immovable centre of The Retrosic, expanding to a fully band line-up behind Cyrus. But the electronic surrounding is meeting more exceptional instrumentalisation than ever before and resulting into an enormous number of established club hits: In The Storm Indian flutes open the album and martial military drums and ethereal boys choirs rise in the final part of Maneater. Dragonfire links industrial elements with wide trombones, whereas ELYSIUM apparently leaves the electronical context completely to make room for Oriental rhythms. It is this song, which again features Zaides singing as its centrepiece.

God Of Hell became the most successful electro release 2004 at the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

After 2 years of work the follower to God Of Hell was released in November 2006. Prior to its release Fletcher announced the new Retrosic album with the words: “NIGHTCRAWLER will take you on a trip to the inevitable, your fear of the dark where the creatures of the night hide their faces so that youhave never noticed them ­until now.”

In fact Nightcrawler is showing new aspects of The Retrosic again with tons of hard break beat rhythms and alienated guitar sounds.

Shortly after its release Nightcrawler managed the hattrick and becomes ALBUM OF THE MONTH in all three major european scene magazines (SONIC SEDUCER, ORKUS und ZILLO) while the video for the song Desperate Youth wins at the INTERNATIONALEN HD FILM FESTIVAL as BEST MUSIC VIDEO.

In May 2007 the peak level in the young history of The Retrosic was reached with the band’s live-premiere and headliner show at one of the worlds biggest scene-festivals: the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN in Leipzig, Germany. (Official Website)

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