Sectarian attack on Co Antrim Hall

An Orange Hall in Co Antrim has been damaged in an overnight sectarian attack.

Rasharkin | Orange HallPaint was thrown at the Rasharkin Orange Hall and dissident republican graffiti slogans were daubed on the walls.

The hall has been the victim of sectarian attacks numerous times in the past.

“Local people will be out watching the parades and it is unfortunate that this incident has taken place,” Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay.

“Nobody wants these actions to take place and in no way do they reflect on the people of the village”.

“I want again to call on these people who are carrying out these graffiti attacks on the hall to stop,” he said.

DUP North Antrim MLA Ian Paisley Jr has condemned the overnight attack.

“This is a case of cultural apartheid where there is no toleration of Protestants or Protestant culture and I wholly condemn it. This property has been attacked dozens of times in recent years”, Mr Paisley said.

“Protestants living in Rasharkin are being systematically intimidated through attacks on Protestant property and homes. This is outrageous and totally unacceptable.”

Mr Paisley also condemned the erection of an Irish Tricolour on the Joey Dunlop monument in Ballymoney, which has since been removed.

TUV Leader Jim Allister has also condemned the attack.

“Another appalling sectarian attack on an Orange Hall in North Antrim and yet another hand-washing exercise by the local Sinn Fein MLA”, he said.

“The timing of the attack to chime with republican orientated celebrations of St Patrick’s Day is also no coincidence.”