Republican Prisoners escalate protest

MaghaberryOn Thursday March 6, 2010 the POWs in Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim escalated their protest as conditions continue to deteriorate in the jail.

In a statement from the POW Department, Republican Sinn Féin said that the prison warders are making life as difficult as possible for the prisoners.

“Their violence towards a POW as he was removed to the punishment block sparked the latest escalation. The screws were wearing balaclavas as they dragged him, for an indefinite period, to the block.

“Their aggressive attitude on the inside is matched by the aggressive attitude on the outside by the RUC/PSNI to the relatives of the POWs. One family has had their home raided 18 times in the last two years, last week the latest. The family have one son in jail and another was arrested and held for three days within the last few weeks.

“Prisoners on long-term medication have not received it for weeks now with the result that their medical problems are getting worse; the long-term effects of this cannot even be guessed at.

“The British government and the Prison Service are doing a ‘Maggie Thatcher’ on the prisoners in the hope that they will break. Have they learned nothing form the lessons of even the last 40 years?

“Locking the men up for 23 hours a day, continually strip-searching them, and depriving them of lack of food, medical facilities and exercise only strengthens their resolve.

“We pledge them our continued support.”