Il comunicato rilasciato dai POW repubblicani detenuti nella prigione di Maghaberry, rivolto a tutti i sostenitori e ai partecipanti all’International Day of Action in sostegno dei prigionieri repubblicani.
La dichiarazione è firmata dall’O/C dei POW repubblicani allineati politicamente con il Republican Sinn Féin.
RSF | POWGreetings from the Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry jail to the activists, supporters and participants of the International Day of Action for Irish Republican Prisoners of War 2012.

We, the Republican Prisoners of War incarcerated in Maghaberry prison camp, wish to send greetings to those assembled all over the world today protesting on our behalf. “At present we are engaged in a ‘dirty protest’ to end the archaic practice of strip searching and 23-hour lock-down, and to secure conditions befitting of Prisoners of War. The age-old British policy of criminalisation of Irish Republican prisoners is in full swing in Maghaberry and as always we, as Republicans, will oppose this in anyway we can.

We have been on this current phase of protest now for over 18 months and we see little movement from our captors. The conditions we endure are far from humane or acceptable, yet we will continue in ourstruggle until our demands are met. We have a duty to all Republicans and to those prisoners who may follow us.

We find ourselves incarcerated due to British rule in Ireland and are part of the broader struggle for Irish independence. We take heart from gatherings such as this, that Irish Republicanism is alive and vibrant, kept alive by people like you. As Republican Prisoners of War we will not shy away from our duty and we salute all those in Ireland and abroad who work towards the independence of Ireland by any means necessary.“The support we have received from those across the world makes us more determined and resolute, we are indeed grateful for such support, and ask for your continued support and activism on our behalf.

We applaud those of you who take to the streets all over the world in protest at the detention of true Republicans.

We will continue to resist all attempts by the British government to criminalise us and our struggle and with your continued support we are confident of victory.

Onwards to the Republic!

Signed O/C Maghaberry Gaol,
October 2012